How long does it take to receive the report?

We offer service within 1 to 3 hours.

Please note that during our extended office hours, which run from 8:00 am to 5pm on weekdays. If you submit a name Search Request outside these hours you may have to wait until the next day. 

However, sometimes a particular name may take a little longer to make a determination of its availability, if there are possible complications or other similar names.

If you for reason you haven't received your NUANS report within that time frame, please give us a call at (506) 800-1803 and we'd be happy to give you a status update.

What is the COST of a NUANS Report?
What do I get with the report?
What is the DESCRIPTIVE element?
What is the DISTINCTIVE element?
What methods of payment do you accept?
What do you look for?

Our name search goes beyond simply finding an exact match. We look for names that are similar phonetically, as well as similar enough that it may cause confusion.

For example, "Shar Construction" would be considered similar to "Char's Construction", and even similar to "Shaar Renovations." Although the words are different, the services carried out by both companies could be similar, and considering the phonetic similarity to the name, chances are it would be considered too similar.

Our incorporation specialists will comapre you dessired name with the results of the search, and review it againts the naming guidelines to determine the availability of the name.

What happens if there is a similar name?
Why can't I register a single word business name?
How long do I have to register my business?
What's the NEXT STEP after I receive the report?
Do I need a FEDERAL Report?
if I'm registered in NB, can I sell elsewhere/ online?

Naming Guidelines

Business names in New Brunswick must meet certain criteria. Does your name have:

• A unique and distinguishing element?
• Words that describe your service?
• Accurately describe the type of services you provide? 
• Do you require a legal element?

If you aren’t sure whether your name meets the New Brunswick government guidelines, don’t worry – our incorporation specialists review every submission.

If it doesn't meet the guidelines, we will let you know how it should be modified in order to get you the successful and approved outcome that you are seeking when you register your business.

A business name in New Brunswick requires at least two elements - a Distinctive element and a Descriptive element.

A Distinctive element is often a family name, a proper name, or a coined (made up) word. Othertimes it's a unique combination of regular words.

A Descriptive element is one or more words that lets potential customers know what services or products you provide. 


BONZAI BOB'S CRAFTS is a proposed name.
"Bonzai Bob" is the distinctive element. "Crafts" is the descriptive element. The proposed name has both required elements.

CHRISTMAS QUALITY CRAFTS is a proposed name. At first glance it looks like it has both elements, but it doesn't. All three words describe what is being sold, so together they form the Descriptive element. There is no word that uniquely identified this craft company over another. The Distinctive element is missing and would need to be added.

The goal when choosing a name is to have one that is uniquely yours and that acurately describes to potential customers what you do.

Although a name like JIMMY'S SUPER SUPPLIES might be an acceptable name, it's not a very good name. Does Jimmy supply auto parts? Office supplies? Sewing supplies?

A potential client won't know, and may bypass this company for a more specific name.

Government Guidelines

If you'd like further and more detailed information, here are the full New Brunswick government naming guidelines.

Ready for the NUANS Report?

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